Value Added Hosting

Our regular hosting services include the opportunity for you to update your site regularly. Your site’s search engine positioning can be affected by how regularly your site is updated. In addition to good, useful site content and good links coming into your site, one of the criteria that search engines may utilize to help rate web sites, is how often and what types of updates have been applied to a site. One of the criteria that a visitor will use to determine whether they should revisit your site is how often the content is updated.

We must constantly ask ourselves, if the information that my site provides remains the same for too long, what incentive does someone have to return to the site? Even if your prices are rock bottom for your goods or services, if there is no other draw to your site, no new information or no new products, then many people will feel as though they have seen all that you have offer and there is no reason for them to continue to return or revisit your site.

When you host your site with MetroMalls, your business, like all of our accounts, is allowed time to update, remove, or delete text and images on your site at any time during each month or each quarter. We strongly encourage you to keep your site content fresh and up to date, because your success is our success.

More Value

Any web site with a physical address in southeast Michigan will have appropriate links to the site within For at least the first 30 days, hosted sites located within southeast Michigan will receive a free rotational banner listing on home page along with a listing in the mall spotlight. Southeast Michigan hosted sites will also receive permanent listings within the shopping pages. Sites that offer Business to Business content will also be featured on the Metro Malls B2B listings page.

Have bargains or specials that you would like to feature? We maintain a bargain center that is available to all of our hosted accounts. There is never any charge to our clients for text listings in this section of our online mall.

Don’t be taken in by sites offering hosting services for next to nothing. Those services are often unreliable. Low ball price points for hosting means that the company hosting your site has to find another avenue for collecting the funds they need to stay in business. They will often do this by charging for everything that they do on behalf of your site. Need a new page loaded to the server? There’s a charge. Need to change a word or two? There’s a charge. Need simple submission to search engines, many don’t do it, others will charge. These additional services or benefits are available to all of our hosted accounts. Have your site hosted with Metro Malls and get the value added hosting services that we offer.

Value added hosting services save you money and offer opportunities for you to increase your web business.