Website Development

on Oct 05 in SEO, Web Design, Web Development

When deciding to build or buy a website, there are many factors one should consider. The first would be what type of site best suits you or your business. Will you be selling products online? If so you may want to consider a e Commerce type site.  e Commerce is like a virtual store, any site with a shopping cart is an e Commerce type site. There are other options of eCommerce such as Pay Pal buttons. Instead of a complex shopping system you can add simple java code to your site and when they click on the button it takes them to the PayPal site to finish paying and of course the money goes to you.

What if you are not ready to sell product online? There are tons of options for informational sites as well. Informational sites are a great way to  promote your self or company, let potential clients know where you are at and what services or products you provide. If you are looking for a site you want to update regularly your self a Content Management System (CMS) maybe the answer for you. CMS are a great way for you to maintain your site with out having to pay web developers to do it for you.

If you are a hobbyist and would like to Blog about your favorite subject, WordPress would be the answer for you. WordPress is the most user friendly CMS out there today. In no time you can be up and running and blogging about your favorite subject. Something to consider when investing in a website, know what you want. Have a general idea of the look and feel of the site you want and take the time to get all your content for the site together. The faster you get it to the developer the faster your site can be up and running. Taking these small steps early on will save you time and money in the long run.