Pay Per Click

Pay Per ClickPay per click has been around for a while and is coming into its own right now. In PPC scenarios, the web site owner will determine words that they wish to bid upon and each time someone does a search for their terms, their site will be listed in the sponsored listings area of the search engine results.

Each time a surfer clicks on your sponsored link, you pay. How much you pay varies on the search term popularity and what the traffic will bear in the bidding processes for top placement. The two most popular PPC models come from Overture and Google AdWords.

Paid Submissions

Not to be confused with PPC, paid submissions offer guaranteed review of your site. This review offers no guarantees about where or even if your site will be accepted into the search directory. Generally speaking, as long as your site does not contain illegal, hate or other taboo themes, the site will be accepted for listing. Again though, paid submission only assures review of your site within a specified period of time and offers no high placement guarantees.