VR Metro LLC is a premier web development, hosting and web site promotions company. The Company has as its center a virtual mall that focuses on small to medium size retail and service businesses within a geographical area. Currently, promotes virtual retailing in the Metro Detroit area, covering all of Southeastern Michigan. is designed to appeal particularly to local online users. It provides a Web site where potential shoppers can shop conveniently and trust the merchants they do business with.

While is the center piece product of the company, the backbone lies in web development, web hosting and Internet promotions. VR Metro manages over 300 domains (i.e., providing e-commerce solutions from single product offering Web sites to Internet exclusive business Web sites with over 20,000 items online. Although the mall is geographically centered, the Company develops and hosts Web sites nationwide. The company currently has clients in Michigan, Florida, New York, Ohio and Texas. Unlike most of our competitors, each site we design is unique, regardless of size. In addition, periodic changes and web promotion are key elements in most of our web hosting packages. Because of this, we have better than 90% client retention.

VR Metro owns its Internet servers and we provide Web hosting for most of our clients. Hosting a web site is closely integrated with Web site maintenance and promotion. Our program is designed to make sure that each client’s site is updated on an ongoing basis. As part of those programs, we contact each client on a regular basis and encourage them to become actively involved. This facilitates the growth of their Web site, helping make it a “real Internet business.”